Q:  Is CCL Georgia part of USYS? 
A:  Yes, CCL Georgia is a proud member of USYS and a strong supporter of the Georgia Soccer Association.

Q:  Who runs the CCL Georgia? 
A:  CCL Georgia is professionally managed by CCL’s full-time Executive Staff (Executive Director, Soccer Ambassador, Communications, and Events staff) along with technical oversight by the CCL Georgia Technical Committee, which is made up of founding member club Technical Director/Directors of Coaching.  

Q:  Where is the CCL Full-Time Executive Staff located?  
A:  The CCL Full-Time Executive Staff is located in multiple locations to maintain its connection to its member clubs: Charlottesville, Virginia; Stafford, Virginia; Tampa, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts.  As CCL Conferences build out, more locations will be added. 

Q:  Does CCL Georgia offer opportunities for boys and girls? 
A:  Unique to the CCL, and since 1997, each CCL Conference offers equal opportunity for both boys and girls.  CCL is the first youth soccer league in the country to offer the club-to-club matchday. 

Q:  What is the club-to-club matchday?  
The club-to-club matchday offers a unified league schedule where all teams from one club, host or travel to another club, boys and girls, and play all matches at one location. The matchday schedules are strategically managed to offer Technical Directors/Directors of Coaching (TD’s and DOC’s) and Full-Time Club Coaching Staff the opportunity to oversee, evaluate, assess, collaborate, and participate with many, if not all, of their club’s teams and players on a matchday. Most importantly, TD’s/DOC’s are able to de-conflict double coaches (coaches who coach more than one team), so that every player is intimately connected to their Head Coach for each match. The club-to-club matchday presents a club-based, community-feel as well as offering great flexibility for families with multiple players and the opportunity to carpool. The CCL and its member clubs have over 20 years of experience in the club-to-club matchday!

Q:  Will CCL replace Georgia Soccer?  
A:  No, CCL Georgia is not a replacement for Georgia Soccer.  CCL Georgia offers a special pathway for clubs looking for an opportunity to unite with like-minded leaders and clubs. 

Q:  What about Georgia Soccer’s Academy League?  
A:  Georgia Soccer’s Academy League schedules will remain intact and supplement CCL matches. 

Q:  Can National League teams play in both CCL and National League? 
A:  Yes, all CCL Georgia teams can participate in the US Youth Soccer (USYS) National League while competing in CCL Georgia. 

Q:  Will the Georgia Soccer State Cup be impacted?  
A:  No.  CCL Georgia supports all Georgia Soccer programs and opportunities.  We encourage all its member clubs to participate in State Cup and the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series (NCS). 

Q:  Can CCL Georgia teams attend CCL events out of state? 
A:  Yes, one of the major benefits of a club joining CCL Georgia is having access to all CCL Conference events, having access to the CCL Gold Standard Event Partnerships, and access to its event portfolio (i.e.; Disney Showcase, Bethesda Showcase, etc.). 

Q:  What are the guaranteed events that CCL Georgia Teams can attend? 
A:  Member clubs of CCL Georgia have access to any CCL Conference events.  Currently, the adidas Fall Festival, CCL College Showcases, CCL College Combines, and The Adidas National Cup. 

Q:  What kind of tournaments will CCL Georgia have? 
A:  CCL Georgia will begin to build out an event portfolio to attract competitive teams from around the country and region.  College Showcase events will attract top coaches from around the country, while ScrimmageFest events will highlight the joy of the game for age 8-10.

Q:  Is the CCL Georgia an inclusive league or exclusive league? 
A:  CCL Georgia is an inclusive league; all clubs in Georgia are encouraged to apply.  Each CCL Conference is application- and standards-based.  There are minimum standards, expectations, and criteria of excellence that a club must meet and support. 

Q:  What makes CCL better than other local leagues in Georgia? 
A:  CCL Conferences are professionally managed by an independent, national staff (not club members).  The low-cost, high-value proposition offers clubs less travel (more safety through geographically appropriate matches), less expense, and a voice (director-driven league of like-minded leaders). 

Q:  Who are the main sponsors and what do they provide? 
A:  CCL provides all its conferences one-of-a-kind, ground-breaking strategic partnerships to help players/families, coaches, teams, and clubs save money.  CCL’s “Gold Standard Partnerships” include Adidas, Soccer.com, Kwik Goal, United Soccer Coaches and more. 

Q:  How can my club join the CCL Georgia? 
A:  All eligible clubs can apply to join CCL Georgia.  For more information about CCL Georgia please contact Mayowa Owolabi, CCL Communications, at mo@clubchampionsleague.com.

Q:  Will CCL Georgia clubs still have Classic/Athena and GPL teams at all levels? 
A:  Yes, CCL Georgia clubs still develop and support Classic/Athena teams. 






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